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How To Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

According to a recent survey by Zurich, a third (34%) of SMEs rate the impact of competition on margins as the greatest risk facing their business. It’s not surprising given that the competition is increasing as the landscape continues to shift.


In the past, competition remained only within the sector. However, as customer needs change, so do the areas where companies compete. Increasingly, they are taking a more flexible view of the business they’re in, looking at how their organisational capabilities can help them to resolve customer problems. 


As a result, 56% of CEOs think it’s likely that companies will increasingly compete in new industries over the next three years, while three in ten have already entered a new sector (Source: PwC). 


In an increasingly competitive environment, achieving growth and successfully maintaining it, is difficult. A lot of companies make ‘knee-jerk’ decisions to reduce costs or implement new technologies to improve efficiencies, but these are unlikely to provide the growth you crave since they’re not properly considered and therefore don’t fit with your overall business strategy. 


To manage competitive risk, and achieve sustainable growth, you need to consider the following areas in-line with your business strategy: 


Business Challenges 


If your management team lacks particular skills, it’s important to plug these gaps, either through training, in-house recruitment or outsourcing. Next you need to reduce your dependency on third parties to create an agile business that’s capable of reacting quickly to help overcome those 'feast to famine' business cycles so you can take advantage of new opportunities quickly. 


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Marketing Challenges


Creating genuine and powerful competitive advantages is the key to improving your lead generation results. But this must be backed by genuine IP together with a unique and powerful brand identity. Once you have the foundations right, you need to position your company in the market, and communicate everything to your target audience to raise awareness of your brand.


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Sales Challenges 


Unless your sales team is closely aligned to your marketing department, achieving sustained business growth is virtually impossible. Leverage your marketing strategy to help improve lead generation and sales conversion ratios by shortening and simplifying long and complex sales cycles, creating upselling opportunities and improving your client retention rates. 


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Financial & Operational Challenges 


Mounting competition can make forward planning difficult, unless you have a robust business strategy in place that takes account for unpredictable sales cycles and market volatility. By strengthening your internal controls, systems and processes, you can improve productivity and profitability, which ultimately increases your shareholder ROI. 


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