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Business Innovation & Growth Acceleration          

         The Secrets To Effective Business Leadership & Growth Strategy


According to a research paper from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills , nearly three-quarters of SMEs in England report a deficit in leadership and management skills. These skills aren’t just important for the day-to-day running of your business and how you motivate the team, they’re essential to your overall business growth and longevity.


A report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) states that 51% of SMEs are ‘critical’ to the UK’s economy, as they are ‘high-growth firms’ that generate more jobs quicker. However, in two-fifths of these high-growth firms, deficiencies in management and leadership competencies are impeding the companies’ growth. The report states that there are three key factors that impact on the quality of leadership and management for SMEs: 

  1. Individual leadership, management capability and experience of the CEO.
  2. Size and structure of the organisation.
  3. External context and organisational strategy.


As an organisation grows, the type of leadership it needs will change. But management isn’t the responsibility of the CEO alone; if you’re to ensure your company’s future success, leadership must be visible throughout the organisation.


But this is easier said than done.


According to the Institute of Directors (IoD), there are key challenges that startups and SMEs face when it comes to ensuring effective leadership across an organisation, including:

  • Lack of a clear plan: most businesses don’t know how to plan or fail to revise their plan according to changing economic and business conditions.
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness: in failing to decide what their unique selling point is, many businesses end up competing in conflicting areas.
  • Lack of execution: ranging from strategies that are developed and never executed, failure to make improvements and employees being unaware of the company’s strategy.


Discover how your company’s Business & Growth Strategies 'really' stacks up

We’ve developed a simple set of questions to help evaluate the leadership and management skills in your organisation. Asking everyone that sits on your board to invest a few minutes answering these critical questions will help to identify the strengths in your organisation, as well as the weaknesses that are holding back your growth.


For example, one of the biggest issues we see are mixed messages. We’ve been into organisations and asked a simple question like “what are your competitive differentiators?”, and every person we speak to gives a different answer. Worse still, we hear meaningless statements like, “we offer first-class service,” “we’re a trust partner,” or “we have skilled, knowledgeable consultants.” In business, these things are expected and as such, don’t add any value to your proposition or help differentiate you from the competition.


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The Next Steps..


After you have completed the above Assessment and acquired the valuable information it reveals, you might be tempted to engage the services of a marketing agency to start putting a plan of action together. However, most marketing agencies aren’t in a position to aid your business at this level, instead, they prefer to focus on more tactical deliverables, such as why your business might benefit from the latest website design.


Before any marketing and sales strategies can be correctly reviewed and evaluated, a formal business plan needs to be defined and created. This will encompass your overall business goal(s) and the strategy you intend to follow. Once this valuable plan is in place, the appropriate marketing and sales strategies can be created, which are properly aligned to the business plan to maximise ROI and guarantee your success.


Our ‘Business Strategy Assessment’ priced at just £950, combines business development, strategic marketing, business management, financial and IT consultancy, all rolled up into a single solution and provided as business consultancy. Our services are provided by highly experienced experts, who are fully qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, so we fully understand that every business is different.


The services we provide and solutions we design are therefore based upon the following factors:  

  • Business size
  • Business model
  • Maturity level
  • Business objectives
  • Industry drivers
  • Business challenges


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