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       How To Improve Your 2017 Marketing ROI & Avoid Costly Mistakes 

Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy are intrinsically linked. It is therefore CRITICAL that both these strategies are fully aligned, prior to investing a single penny in any tactical marketing

The majority of companies spend on marketing in some guise. So how is your budget being spent? According to an industry survey of SMEs: 


  • 74% have a company website.
  • 53% have an active presence on social media.
  • 45% are actively working on SEO.
  • 25% do online advertising.
  • 15% have a mobile app.

But this isn’t marketing. Marketing isn’t about having the prettiest website, it’s not about lead generation, getting lots of likes on your linkedin posts or getting RT's of your Tweets and it’s not about seeing your name in print in the tabloids.


The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) defines Marketing as "The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”  This forms part of your marketing strategy, which is concerned with how you can meet the requirements of your BUSINESS STRATEGY to satisfy your overall COMPANY OBJECTIVES. As such, your marketing strategy and business strategy are intrinsically linked. To consider them in isolation should be considered a sin and a big mistake because:


  • You’re doomed to lower ROI.
  • Your marketing campaigns will either fail or only partially succeed in the short term.
  • And ultimately you’ll give up and believe marketing is a waste of time.


When it comes to marketing, it's dangerous to spend a single penny without getting a robust business strategy and a detailed marketing strategy in place first.


The Risks & Dangers When You Rely ONLY on Tactical Marketing Experts 

Some organisations realise their limitations and opt to employ the services of a so called ‘marketing agency’. However, the reality is that a lot of these so called marketing agencies’ positioning is very misleading; while they may claim to offer a ‘full service’, often they are only involved in the tactical end of marketing communications, and specialise on one, or a few areas, such as graphic design, SEO, PR, email marketing, or web development with little or no understanding of the critical strategic aspects of marketing.


A true marketing agency will start with your business strategy, looking at what your organisation’s overall objectives are, and the strategy you intend to follow. It will then develop a marketing strategy that supports this to help you realise success. Therefore, if you’re currently investing in marketing, you owe it to yourself to check and evaluate your marketing strategy, campaigns and tactics are correct and fully aligned to your business strategy.


For example, has your agency adequately considered your messaging, positioning, differentiators and competitive advantage(s)? Or has it simply promised to position you as a ‘leader’, secure extensive media coverage or ensure your website reflects your new branding? Without a comprehensive marketing strategy in place, there’s no value being added to your organisation, which means you’re destined to failure, or best case, experience limited short-term success.


So how can you ensure your organisation has a powerful and well thought out business strategy and marketing strategy without employing costly in-house professionals?


Improving Your 2017 Business Performance & Marketing Success

Marketing success depends on your company’s goals and the strategies you use to meet those goals. Therefore, we offer two options to to mitigate potential risks and guarantee your future success:



If you are already engaged in marketing activities, for just £950, our team of qualified, experienced experts will work with you to review your current business strategy, paying particular attention to your key objectives, business and industry drivers and weaknesses. We will then evaluate how your marketing strategy aligns to your business strategy, identifying any areas that need addressing, as well as making recommendations for where improvements can be made.



If you haven’t yet got a marketing strategy in place, for only £3,000 our team will work with you to develop a 12-month marketing strategy and marcomms plan ready for full execution. As part of this exercise we will:

  • Define and help you set achievable goals
  • Carry out a review of your current situation
  • Develop your strategy
  • Resource allocation
  • Advise on implementation

Biz Strategy 365 Ltd marketing services are provided by highly experienced business leaders, who are also fully qualified members of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and are therefore able to deliver top results with high professional standards.



Discover more about our options to ensure your marketing strategy success.

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