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How Your Organisation Can Employ SMARTER Marketing For Better Results

As a business owner, have you ever wondered why despite a considerable investment in Sales and Marketing, your business still continues to struggle in delivering the desired results and ROI?


Every Business Deserves The Opportunity To Experience The Real Power of Marketing.

If you choose to focus your efforts on sales alone without a proper and structured marketing plan in place, you run the risk of becoming a sales-centric organisation. Involving a more tactical approach, sales-centric organisations place greater emphasis on just the sales infrastructure, which leaves them vulnerable within the market as they tend to only compete on price.


To successfully grow your business, it’s essential that your sales team is addressing some important challenges, such as:

  • Improving lead generation and sales conversion ratios.
  • Improving sales ROI.
  • Shortening and simplifying long and complex sales cycles.
  • Improving client retention rates.
  • Creating upselling opportunities.


But understanding how to address each of these challenges is difficult without valuable business insight that's gained by working in collaboration with your marketing department. According to a recent industry survey, aligning your sales and marketing teams has a real, positive impact on your organisation:

  • Achieve 27% faster three-year profit growth.
  • Close 38% more deals.
  • Enjoy 36% higher customer retention rates.
  • Achieve 208% higher marketing revenue.


But why does marketing have such a significant impact on your sales process?


Experience The Real Power of Marketing


Marketing enables you to be a more competitive organisation by helping to:

However, not all SMEs can afford the luxury of a marketing department. Marketing skills are highly valued and as such attract a higher salary. In addition, as with most areas of business, it's rare to find an individual with in-depth skills in all areas of marketing, which means you will either be left with skills gaps that need plugging, or needing to hire multiple people to fulfil your needs.


For the cost of an office junior (or less) you can get highly qualified expertise by outsourcing your marketing function. According to a recent industry survey, over three-quarters (76%) of marketers believe they could increase ROI or brand lift by two to five times with an expert team producing high-quality content. It estimates that for an SME, hire two junior marketing professionals (a web content writer and graphic designer) will cost between £65,500 - £97,000 per year in recruitment costs and basic wages, plus any benefits, such as mandatory pension contributions.


Our marketing services are provided by highly experienced experts, who are fully qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, so we guarantee to deliver top results with the highest professional standards.


Our core mission is to help our clients by bringing to them critical expertise that minimises their risk and exposure, while creating business value that accelerates sustainable and profitable business growth. Now you can enjoy the mix and level of consultancy that until now had been the domain of the big five consultancies, and not easily accessible by SMEs, at affordable prices.


For a one-off fee of £3,000, we will work with you to develop a 12-month marketing strategy and marketing communications plan ready for full execution in-house, which comprises:

  • Defining and setting your goals.
  • Performing a marketing audit of your current situation.
  • Developing your strategy, including the marketing mix that is needed to achieve success.
  • Setting an appropriate marketing budget.


Alternatively, if you want to outsource everything for a more cost-effective solution, we offer a range of marketing packages that start from just £1,000 per month. Outsourcing the execution of your marketing activities to us means you can access the skills, knowledge and expertise of a whole team of senior marketing professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring junior positions in-house.


What Our Customers Say

The following testimonials were received from our clients:


"Not only has our business been totally transformed over the past few months but we have also achieved significant growth and profitability, thanks to Biz Strategy 365’s broad business knowledge, pragmatic approach and strategic thinking abilities."

Managing Director, Product Distribution Company


"Biz Strategy 365 helped focus our marketing for business growth so we see a better ROI and are much more focused. Gave us brilliant ideas to ensure our marketing delivers results and is worthwhile."

Managing Director, L & M TrainingCompany


"Without Biz Strategy 365's significant and strategic contribution, we would not have reached the position of being in the Top 25 fastest growing companies in the UK!"

Managing Director, IT Products & Services Company


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