Business Innovation & Growth Acceleration
Business Innovation & Growth Acceleration          

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"...depth of knowledge across most business disciplines, especially in the areas of technology, marketing & finance and working with Biz Strategy 365 has been very beneficial to our business..."

Paul Longega, Managing Director, Ship Shape Resources Group - A Financial Services & Software Business
(Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track Top 100 List Company)

How We Can Help You

   We help, inform and empower Business Owners to achieve sustained Business Growth & Success

SME Business Growth Coaching, Consulting, Training & Marketing Services

As a CEO, which one of the following is a "must have" for you to ensure your business growth and success?


1. Having "Powerful & Genuine" Competitive Advantages & Company Differentiators?


2. Maximising the ROI on your Sales & Marketing and accelerating business growth?


3. Having a Flexible & Agile Business Model, which can be adapted quickly to any changes in the Commercial,       Economic or Competitive landscape?


Have all of the above addressed and much more via our highly affordable and tailored services aimed at helping B2B SMEs create sustained business growth. 

Don't miss out on this highly professional service which provides EXCEPTIONAL VALUE to any serious or ambitious business seeking to improve performance, accelerate business growth and mitigate commercial risks.


We help our clients develop the appropriate business model and all of the above strategies, through to the full execution of the marketing to deliver the desired growth results over a period of 12 to 36 months. As part of our engagement, you will not only grow your business and increase business efficiency but also reduce your operational costs and plug any skills gaps - A highly professional and affordable service, offering exceptional value to B2B SME's.


The above services are all delivered by industry experts who are highly qualified, experienced and accredited by international professional bodies.


Our Business Growth Experts                                  


Our services are delivered by industry experts who are highly qualified, experienced and accredited by major professinal bodies such as The Chartered Institute of Marketing.


We specialise in helping SME's to develop and execute winning business Growth Strategies which create profitable and sustainable business growth. This is achieved by addressing key business critical areas and by breaking down the barriers which are preventing you from achieving your business growth ambitions.  



  • Creating powerful Business Growth Strategies and Agile Business Model 
  • Providing Outsourced Marketing Function to fully support & execute your Business Growth Strategy
  • Plugging Skills Gaps via Tailored Training in Business Planning & Management, Sales and Marketing
  • Providing NED's and Business Mentoring to support your on-going business growth requirements 
  • Developing powerful Strategies for Non-organic Growth via Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Creating profitable EXIT Strategies for business owners who are planning to exit and sell the business 


We will work with your management team and provide tailored support throughout your Business Growth Journey. This can include developing the initial strategies through to appointing us to also fully execute these strategies and deliver the results. See below the comprehensive support available to you throughout your growth journey. 

Our Comprehensive Business Engagement Model

"...helped us develop our Business Strategy - Insightful, to the point and pragmatic. It was exactly what we needed from the engagement. Would definately recommend!..."


Dr Philip Bonhard MSc PhD, Director Newt Idea Ltd

UX Design Company - specialising in Telco, Media, Financial Services & Retail sectors

We've helped businesses of every size accelerate growth and achieve their full potential



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