Business Innovation & Growth Acceleration
Business Innovation & Growth Acceleration          

Leveraging External Expertise Brings SMEs Significant Value & Advantages

   The Strategic Outsourcing Business Model 


The challenge of creating sustained business growth seems complex for many SMEs. The findings of an SME roundtable hosted by Business Reporter show that the key barriers to growth are:


  • Money: length payment terms are affecting cashflow and business lending has slowed.
  • Staff: either shortages in skilled staff, or the inability to pay experienced professionals.
  • Skills: many leaders lack the confidence to act quickly and secure the first mover advantage.
  • Stress: caused by competition, work practices, unrealistic targets and clients’ expectations. ​


The most successful companies possess strong teams, empowered leaders and functional expertise at both a strategic and tactical level. Through training and experience we all develop a specialist skill set that must be leveraged to ensure success. But what’s the most effective way of deploying these skills within your organisation? 


For SMEs in particular, recruitment is a costly process. It involves a lot of your time, searching, securing and training the right candidate. According to research by Oxford Economics, published in HR Review, it costs £30,614 to hire a new employee, and 24 weeks for them to reach optimum productivity. And even then there’s no guarantee that things will work out; analysis by found that 62% of recruiters admit to hiring the wrong candidate, while research from Robert Half International says that bad hires result in:


  • Lost productivity for 39% of SMEs.
  • Fewer sales for 11% of SMEs.
  • Employee morale decreased in 35% of SMEs.
  • Supervisors wasted about one day a week managing poorly performing employees.​ 


If you don't have the capacity to do it yourself or risk a costly mistake if you hire the wrong person,


What's The Answer?


Well, the answer is to instigate a well followed practice by ALL successful SMEs in such circumstances, being;


Outsource To Leverage The Skills & Knowledge of The Industry Experts


Outsourcing is a business strategy that moves some of your functions, processes, activities and decision responsibility to third-parties. By putting in place an agreement, your chosen expert partner will resume responsibility for the outsourced function.


It’s possible to outsource almost anything, and it can be a lifesaver for SMEs, as it provides you with access to some of the most skilled professionals in the industry, without having to pay hefty salaries, or committing to anything long-term. The beauty of outsourcing is that you can outsource an entire function or only a part of it, which allows you to focus on your core business and create a competitive advantage by reducing operational costs.


Your 4 Reasons To Outsource


  1. Save money: reduce your employee costs, such as wages, pensions and expenses, office space requirements and operational expenditure to free up resources for other purposes. 
  2. Focus on your core business: just like your chosen partner, you have a specialist set of skills that your business needs, so concentrate on playing to your strengths. 
  3. Improve quality: your partner will have greater expertise and access to resources that can help to significantly enhance your product, service or operations.
  4. Operational efficiency: outsourcing specific functions and making them the responsibility of a dedicated third-party will ensure activities are prioritised for faster turnaround times.


Your Strategic Business Partner


​We have worked alongside a number of SMEs, supplementing their in-house skills to create powerful strategies that are capable of adapting rapidly to any changes in the competitive landscape, commercial and economic climate. Developing a business strategy, marketing strategy and sales strategy, we will help you to realise your business goals, as well as providing business mentoring to aid in every step of your journey.


Our prices are very affordable and specifically structured to provide you with access to business critical services. See some solution examples 


If you need help overcoming your business challenges, we can transform your operations through our knowledge and expertise across all business disciplines, so you can achieve significant growth and better profitability.



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